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The great Disc Brake vc V-Brake debate....

- crumbs
16 Oct 07 ..>more

PRO bikegear tools NEW
Sneak preview of Shimano's PRO professional bike tools

Kuala Lumpur MTB Carnival 2007 NEW
Catch the racing action in this year's mtb carnival!


Fak-Up! Uphill Race Mimaland MTB Stage 3 NEW
The final stage of our Uphill MTB time trial series.

Fak-Up.Race.GentingSempahFak-Up! Uphill Race Genting Sempah Road Stage NEW
Danny Feng burns up the black top again in the 2nd road uphill stage ..>more ..>Gallery

Fak-Up! Race. FRIMFak-Up! Uphill Race Batang Kali Road Stage NEW
Rob Herries smokes everyone in the toughest uphill road TT ever.

Fak-Up! Race. Batu 14Fak-Up! Uphill Race FRIM MTB Stage 2NEW
Lim Mean Machine makes Steroid Hill look like M&Ms Hill ..>more ..>Gallery ..>Video


Mountainbiking Bali
Mountainbiking Cameron Highlands
Epic Ride

Ulu Rening Bash NEW
After weeks of reccé, HYH, Kelolo and gang pulled off the most scenic bash of the year!
...> Video

BBB's Big Night Bash
Adrenaline rushed through Kelolo's
system as the memory recalled
last night's historical adventurous
ride. ..>more
Kiara's Wall Ride
Kiara's Wallride Completed! NEW
Detailed planning and aggressive fund raising
for the Great Wallride of Kiara finally paid off!
See how it's built here.. ..>more

Tuan Mee Ride
Ladang Tuan Mee Reccé NEW
BTP Bike Brigade shows
us their best kept secret

Mountainbiking ChiengmaiBiking in
Chiangmai Thailand

Joeawi does the
Hunter's Escape Route
on his hardtail! ..>more

FRIM dream TrailFakawi Celebrates the Making and the Completion of the FRIM Dream Trail
A dream trail in the
jungles of FRIM, craftedwith love by mountainbikers.. ..>See Gallery


No Tapirs were Harmed! ...NEW
ProjectMaheez's new Works-type fork and suspension tuning service for those who demand performance from their bikes ..>more
Singlespeed Tooltime: DIY Singlespeed Conversion
Jasonawi's innovative singlespeed
conversion from old recycled parts! ..>more
Scottoilers ScottOiler Active Fluid System Review
All along the way, the Chief has numerous
chain suck whereas I am gliding smoothly away.
It is almost as if I was road riding.. ..>more

+ Lubuk Tedung Epic
Watch Video!
+ Patawi's Helmet cam Kiara
Watch Video!
+Runnin' Down a Dream
Watch Video!
+How Not to Remove a Leech from your Crotch
Watch Video!
+Trail Work in FRIM
Watch Video!




Check out Per's amazing shots from this year's Crank Worx!

Mountainbike Until Drop Dead in Cameron Highlands with PCC

Bundu Tuhan to Garas, Sabah

You start off at 1500m and wind your way down to about 780m elev - in between you have some really wild wild downhills and mother of all mothers hill climbs. ..>more

KeeWee Bikes
Intense Tazer
DeKerf Bikes
Cannondale prophet
Banshee Bike
.cool.as.fak .events .talk.cog

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