SPYSHOT: Mirage Upside Down/Rightside Up fork

TAIPEI SHOW: An up to now which shall remain unnamed manufacturer has released a revolutionary fork to cater to the undecided masses as to which size of wheel to use. The manufacturer claimed this fork with its patented (pending) FACRS technology - Free Adjust Control Reversible System - enables adjustments on the fly for 26in, 650b (27.5in) and 29in wheels.
Released to selected bike makers only during the Taipei International Cycle Show, we were honoured to be included in the unveiling. Details are of course very thin at the moment but we were assured it is a working prototype.

At the heart of this fork is obviously the FACRS technology where a special hydraulic jack lengthens and shortens the stanchions to fit different tyre sizes. We can't tell if involves 2 different halves of stanchions or if it is telescopic.
In fact it looks like a hybrid between a upside down fork and a regular fork. We suspect there is a lever switch for you to run it either way. The manufacturer rep refused to confirm or deny when asked.
What was obvious though were the monstrous 45mm upper stanchions and a somewhat 'skinnier' 35mm lower stanchions (which we suspect will telescope into the upper stanchions when the whole fork fully bottoms out). The beefy stanchions does provide the stiffness to the arch-less construction.Compare the size of the upper stanchions to the tapered steerer tube and you'll see how huge these tubes are.
What is confirmed though is that there will be a remote lockout, likely running through the right leg and out the small port at the top. At the bottom portion of the fork, where we'd imagine an air valve, damping adjustments, and a 20mm thru-axle.

Will this be a game changer? Only time, weight and reliability can tell. Stay tuned...
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