ASEAN Mountainbike Cup 2014, Round 1, Cebu Philippines

Wow, finally something to shout about in the ASEAN region..(well maybe except APDC, that is amazing by itself)

(OUR 100th VIDEO on Vimeo!)

The ASEAN Cup, a world first by a few dedicated ASEAN UCI commissaires. Basically a collection of races hosted by ASEAN countries, tied together with points to form a series. Something the ASEAN region really needs, this year is just the prologue with two rounds, Philippines and Malaysia hosting the two rounds. Next year will be very interesting with other countries jumping at the chance to come on board with this series. 


With the past two races being quite successful for me I was really looking forward to this race as it was the first time this year I am able to race against top AEAN riders. This would really give me an indication on how my part time training has been going so far this year. 


The track is self is just over 2km long, it's not the most challenging dh track, but due to its high speed nature small mistakes can be very costly. Of course the stronger riders would have an advantage due to its flatter sections, but it was definitely a course where you had to use your head. It was too long to attack it the whole way down and you have to pick and choose where to put down the power and where to rest. Besides the flatter sections the track had a good mixture of sections, some nice jumps, rock gardens, flat out sections where you hit 50+ km/h. That along with the constantly changing weather, it was keeping everyone on their toes. 


 I seeded 5th and was pretty happy with the result, staying in front of quite a few strong riders and put down a clean run. That's until I saw what the top seed rider did, a whole 15 seconds in front of me and 6 seconds clear of the next rider. That was the topic of conversation saturday evening. 


Pic by Adam Bachtiar Sastradipoera
Pic by Adam Bachtiar Sastradipoera
Race day, we were really lucky with the weather and it stayed dry all saturday and sunday, making the track really dry and dusty. Straight out of the gate and the first corner getting a bit loose reminded me to tone it down for the rest of the run. I was having a really good run till the last 200m or so, where some greenery decided to tangle it self into my cassette, left me without drive for the last sprint. Wasn't the end of the world but with times so tight I was frustrating after such a good run. I was able to improve my time by 5 second and was only 6 second off the winner. Really happy with the result and its a huge motivation for the rest of the season.


Now back to Penang to catch up with a huge amount of work that has piled up after being away for 3 weeks, hopefully get some solid training done, will be aiming to hit up Welli Mills in Perth next month.  



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