Adam Faroze at WA State Race Round 4 - Wellington Mills

So I've got some learning to do, last 3 runs of races were the best I've done in a long time. This race turned out to be the opposite end of the spectrum, still need to find a healthy middle ground between work, training and racing.
Definitely trying to do too many things and cutting things too finely, the 4 weeks since the last race, 3 weeks I didn't even touch my bike. Bad choice, then decided to cut it fine for the race, flew in on Friday and out on Monday, again rushed and definitely not what you want to do for a race. Live and learn. 
The track it self was quite straight forward, no real tough sections. A couple of long straights and all out sprints, couple of small rock gardens and the usual dosage of corners all the way down. A lot of the corners were a little bit awkward and fade away right where you need to support, the corners was the key to this track, carry speed through the corners and through the straights. What I didn't get right, was riding too timidly all weekend along with some silly crashes. 
Raced Elite category this time as there was a bunch of complaints that I was sandbagging in Expert category last race. Ended up 11th in Elite with a far from inspiring performance but that's why I race in Australia, to race against world class riders. Speaking of world class riders, it was a real treat being able to watch Sam Hill ride and put down a 6 second gap to the next elite rider, finding time and laying down the power where others were just hanging on. 
Next up is Malaysian National Championships / ASEAN MTB Cup round 2 in Kundasang, Sabah. I've got my work cut out for that one, a 2.5km track with just under 10% average gradient. Clips anyone?
Huge thanks to all my sponsors, Fakawi Bikes, FJC,, PBAPP not forgetting Paul Deklerk and family for their hospitality.



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